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    28 Fun Things To Help Cover Up Your Boring Walls

    Decorate without damage!

    1. This simple line art of the Disney castle is a must-have for any adult Disney fan.

    2. These gorgeous bumblebee decals are unbeelievably cute.

    3. This Audre Lorde quote will inspire you to be your best, most powerful, most fearless self.

    4. These Scrabble-style wall stickers are perfect for spelling out the names of you and your housemates.

    5. This simple To All The Boys I Loved Before print is a fun way to show your love for one of the greatest rom-coms of the 2010s.

    6. As if this Clueless print wouldn't look amazing on your bedroom wall.

    7. You can spell out whatever message you want with this personalised wire art.

    8. Loyal fans of The Office will appreciate this recreation of Pam's Dunder Mifflin painting.

    9. This abstract blue and pink landscape is a sophisticated way to add some colour to your room.

    10. If you love plants but lack a green thumb, then these tropical leaf prints are the perfect way add some greenery to your decor.

    11. You'll want to Accio this print featuring spells from Harry Potter as soon as possible.

    12. Honestly, this colourful art board print pretty much sums up 2020 so far.

    13. This relaxing print is perfect if you're trying to make your bathroom feel more like a spa.

    14. Take things back to the '20s – the 1920s – with this art deco flapper poster.

    15. This stunning art board print is the perfect combination of retro and futuristic.

    16. This inspirational art board is perfect for creating a gallery wall.

    17. This Pulp Fiction print will remind you to dance more.

    18. This minimalist metallic print, because as Miley once said, "there's always gonna be another mountain."

    19. This print of the iconic door from Friends will be there for you (when the rain starts to fall).

    20. I'm stumped as to why I don't already own this black and white oak tree poster.

    21. Personalise your room with these vinyl wall stickers that are easy to apply and remove.

    22. Parasite won Best Picture, but this Parasite print should win best poster.

    23. Plant mums will love this vintage style flower poster.

    24. This lighthouse wall decal is perfect if you want to decorate your walls without damaging them.

    25. N is for noodles, as this funny and colourful print points out.

    26. Bring it back to basics with this black and white abstract print.

    27. You can cover up your boring white walls AND get organised with this chalkboard wall sticker.

    28. This Avatar: The Last Airbender print, because we all know that Appa was the real hero of that show.