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    23 Gifts For That Person Who's Seen Every Episode Of "Friends" A Hundred Times

    The One Where Everyone Loves Their Christmas Gifts.

    1. This cute case will transform their mobile phone into Monica's iconic door.

    2. Could this blueprint of Monica/Rachel's and Joey/Chandler's apartments *be* a better gift?

    3. This cookbook will teach them how to make the most iconic food from Friends like the sandwich Joey would take a bullet for, Monica's breakup jam, and the cheesecake so irresistible Rachel and Chandler ate it off the floor.

    4. These shot glasses because, to paraphrase Phoebe, the more they drink, the less there is for the kids to drink.

    5. You know that Ross would approve of this print.

    6. The One Where You Give Them This Christmas Card And They Totally Love It.

    7. This doormat is sure to "perk" up someone's day.

    8. This hilarious mug is inspired by one of Joey's most iconic lines.

    9. This T-shirt, inspired by one of Rachel's more tomboy looks, is a subtle way for someone to flex their Friends knowledge.

    10. This toiletry bag will impress even the most hardcore Friends fanatic.

    11. This Friends poster is overflowing with iconic '90s fashion.

    12. Give these earrings to your lobster. Or, just get them for yourself. Be your own lobster this Christmas!

    13. These Central Perk coffee cup lip balms are strawberry and vanilla flavoured.

    14. Just make sure you don't give this "Frankie Says Relax" top to a petty, petty, petty man.

    15. Give this sweet Christmas card to your lobster.

    16. These adorable egg cups celebrate the true stars of Friends (the Chick and the Duck).

    17. Only hardcore fans will get this Joey T-shirt.

    18. This flirty enamel pin will make any bag or jacket more fun.

    19. This Christmas tree ornament will quickly become a beloved decoration.

    20. This "Smelly Cat" tote comes in 16 different colours!

    21. Could this Funko Pop! Joey *be* wearing any more clothes?

    22. These friendship keychains are a great gift for someone who's been there for you, even if it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year.

    23. Finally, get them this box set so they can watch the show whenever they want.

    When they open their presents: