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    30 Dresses That Are So Fab, You'll Probably Never Wear Trousers Again

    RIP to all your trousers.

    1. This black mini dress with balloon sleeves would look amazing with or without tights.

    2. This oversized shirt dress proves that lumberjack-chic is a valid aesthetic.

    3. You'll feel like Olivia Pope in this tailored jacket dress.

    4. Whoever said you can't wear white after summer clearly never saw this gorgeous sheer polka-dot dress.

    5. The belt on this red jacket dress will emphasise your waist.

    6. People will probably assume that this stunning sequinned dress is from some really posh boutique.

    7. You can style this versatile denim shirt dress in any number of ways.

    8. This black bodycon dress has some major '90s energy and honestly, I'm here for it.

    9. You'll feel like you're wearing your favourite set of pyjamas whenever you put on this super-soft jumper dress.

    10. This playful baby blue dress with black polka dots is somehow retro and modern.

    11. This cosy calf-length shirt dress is perfect for colder weather.

    12. If you've ever wanted to feel like a modern Morticia Addams, try this black maxi dress with sheer sleeves.

    13. Show off your wild side with this long-sleeved leopard print dress.

    14. Pair this gorgeous red dress with black tights and combat boots for an autumn looks that's cute yet edgy.

    15. This floral mesh dress proves that black can be a whimsical colour.

    16. This oversized jumper dress will probably feel like you're wearing a warm hug.

    17. This white ribbed dress is simple yet stunning.

    18. Brace yourself for all the compliments you're going to receive whenever you wear this black mesh mini dress.

    19. Think pink in this charming woven dress with balloon sleeves.

    20. This puff-sleeved mini dress is perfect for layering.

    21. I love the '80s silhouette of this dramatic maxi dress.

    22. This white knitted dress has a relaxed silhouette, making it a chic yet casual look for autumn and winter.

    23. Channel your inner Elle Woods with this vibrant pink shirt dress.

    24. The embroidery detail on the shoulders set this black T-shirt dress apart from other casual dress.

    25. This autumnal minidress is trimmed with black lace to give it a girly yet edgy feel.

    26. This camel shirt dress looks amazing with or without a belt.

    27. This studded velour dress with long sleeves is an edgy twist on the classic LBD.

    28. This bold maxi dress, because blue is totally an autumn colour if you want it to be.

    29. You'll probably wear this romantic long-sleeved lavender dress at least eight days a week.

    30. You'll feel like you're wearing the night sky in this stunning celestial maxi dress.