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    27 Everyday Products Under £10 That Are Actually Really Helpful

    Problems? Let's solve 'em.

    1. This dry sponge quickly removes powder from your makeup brushes, allowing you to switch makeup colours without switching brushes.

    2. This handy bookmark lets you know the exact word you left off on.

    3. This easy-to-use icing pen gives you greater control over your pastry decorating. GBBO, here I come!

    4. This mini knife sharpener will make your old knives work like new.

    5. This rose gold stand for your makeup sponge allows it to dry quickly and hygienically.

    6. And when you travel, this protective case will keep your make-up sponge protected and clean.

    7. Protect your privacy with these easy-to-apply webcam covers.

    8. Tired of being scalded every time you cook? These silicone sleeves cover the handles of your frying pans and pots, protecting your hands from the heat.

    9. The next time you get a spot, pop on one of these transparent pimple patches that speed up the healing process.

    10. This novelty magnetic key holder is a cute way to always know where your keys are.

    11. Are your stud earrings uncomfortable? Do you keep losing the backs of your earrings? Order these soft rubber stoppers for a more comfortable replacement.

    12. Open the trickiest of jars on the first try with these rubber jar grips.

    13. Use this sugar scrub to exfoliate the dead skin from your chapped lips.

    14. This cord organiser prevents your earphones, chargers, and cables from knotting.

    15. This stainless steel bar absorbs odours from your hands. Use it after you cook with garlic, fish, or onions!

    16. Fix frizzy hair with this handy hair serum.

    17. Is your dishwasher or washing machine infuriatingly loud? These anti-vibration rubber feet reduce up to 94.7% of noise and keeps your dishwasher/washing machine in place.

    18. Instead of rummaging around for ages searching for your highlighter, this drawstring makeup bag lets you see all your makeup products at once.

    19. Frayed chargers? Broken handles? Hole in your shoe? Mouldable glue can fix all of those problems and more.

    20. Whether you're chopping onions or cleaning broken glass, you need a pair of cut-resistant gloves.

    21. These handy rollers will squeeze out every last drop of your toothpaste.

    22. This sweat proof armband holds your phone and keys while you go for a jog.

    23. This scrubbing brush is specifically designed to easily clean knives and cutlery.

    24. This ingenious rubber strap will ensure that you never lose your Airpods.

    25. Hang your headphones on this purrfect desk hanger.

    26. Save space and display your devices in a more aesthetically pleasing manner with this sleek outlet shelf.

    27. Finally, thoroughly clean and sanitise your brushes with this makeup brush shampoo. Your skin will thank you.