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    17 Wholesome Etsy Buys Under £17 That I Think Are Really Hard To Resist

    "I want to buy everything on this list." - me, writing this list.

    1. Even your mum would approve of these gorgeous tattoos that fade away after five days.

    2. This pearl barrette is an easy way to make any hairstyle look chic.

    3. According to the reviews, this handwoven towel is light enough to double as a wrap or a small blanket.

    4. This Shakespeare-inspired pin is the perfect gift for your favourite shortie.

    5. You just know Lara Jean would approve of this mustard scrunchie with a bow.

    6. Speaking of Lara Jean, this snickerdoodle-scented candle is named in honour of everyone's favourite fictional baker.

    7. This minimalist mug lets you flex your house pride whenever you drink tea.

    8. This sunflower T-shirt will brighten up any outfit, and it's availible in sizes S to XL.

    9. This simple moonstone necklace is low-key magical.

    10. This bundle of soap contains five bars with five different scents that you get to select. Scents include mint & rosemary, lavender & sweet orange, sweet birch & cedarwood, and more!

    11. This T-shirt with an anatomically correct heart design is the definition of geek-chic.

    12. This soy candle smells exactly like old books, so basically it smells like paradise.

    13. This itty-bitty planter comes with a free itty-bitty cactus.

    14. This removable wallpaper is so easy to apply – just peel and stick. Plus, it doesn't leave a residue so you won't lose your deposit!

    15. This iridescent flask has to be the ultimate drinking accessory.

    16. This raven pin is the perfect look for midnights dreary and non-dreary alike.

    17. Finally, this vintage-style botanical print is perfect if you're a budding plant mum.