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    36 Things That You 100% Don't Need But Will Probably Still 100% Want

    Y'know, just because.

    1. This bewitching cauldron mug will take your potions – I mean, tea – to the next level.

    2. This milk box bag makes any other bag a moot point.

    3. This fun candle is designed to smell like happiness.

    4. Prevent your lips from chapping with these Central Perk lip balms that will be there for you (especially when the rain starts to fall).

    5. These toaster sticky notes are the best thing since sliced bread.

    6. Why get one quirky enamel pin when you could get a set of 12 quirky enamel pins?

    7. These cactus drinking jars won't desert you in your time of need.

    8. Unleash your crafty side with this floral embroidery kit.

    9. Wearing these fun bubble tea earrings are the next best thing to drinking bubble tea.

    10. This cork USB drive holds up to 64 GB (and looks cute doing it, too).

    11. Give your plants the feminist, artistic home they deserve with this hanging Frida Kahlo pot.

    12. There's no way your life wouldn't be better with this surprisingly squishy dumpling light.

    13. This set of novelty food erasers are simply too fun to NOT buy.

    14. If you're dye-ing of boredom, then this tie-dye kit is for you! It has everything you need to upcycle your old boring T-shirts into fun, '90s tops.

    15. These fun washi tapes (that are cleverly disguised as doughnuts) can be used for scrapbooking, room decoration, or just as a fun alternative to masking tape.

    16. These T-Rex sticky notes will add some Jurassic vibes to your desk.

    17. Transform your bedroom into a cinema with this smartphone projector.

    18. This realistic yarn mug has big grandma energy, and honestly, I'm here for it.

    19. This little couch potato light is the perfect buddy, or "spuddy", to veg out with.

    20. These whimsical hair pins are unbeelievably cute.

    21. These scarf scrunchies are a great way to make a quick ponytail look like an elegant hairstyle.

    22. Make your next bath even *more luxurious* with these macaron shaped bath bombs.

    23. This baking kit has nearly everything you need to make vibrant, multi-coloured macarons – you just need to bring your own butter and eggs!

    24. These magnetic clouds decorate your walls and hold your keys for you.

    25. This quirky mug is the best, or shall I say, breast gift you can get yourself for under a tenner.

    26. You might just go moon-eyed for this celestial trinket tray.

    27. Beat the heat with this stunning rainbow fan.

    28. Is it weird that this simple planter is giving me major eyelash envy?

    29. This cactus desk organiser is magnetic, which makes it perfect for holding stray paperclips.

    30. This stunning table mirror will certainly be handy.

    31. This cactus dispenser is the perfect thing for distributing lemonade on a hot summer day.

    32. Could these avocado salt and pepper shakers be any cuter?

    33. This colourful kitchen candle, because we all need more amor in our lives.

    34. This bath bomb fizzes away to reveal a piece of jewellery ranging in value from £10 to £2,000. It's like a lottery ticket that's fun no matter what!

    35. This waterproof disco ball transforms your bath into a colourful light show.

    36. This shockingly delicious marshmallow vodka will make any adult with a sweet tooth happy.