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    29 Cute Things Under £13 Because, Let's Face It, Life Is Hard

    Look, life is just easier with cute stuff.

    1. You've heard of dryer balls. Now, get ready for pufferfish dryer buddies that naturally soften fabrics and speed up drying time.

    2. These ballpoint pens are certainly growing on me.

    3. This cat ear headband will be purrfect for keeping your hair out of your face when you apply makeup.

    4. These sticky notes will quickly become the apple of your eye.

    5. I'm sorry, but anyone who doesn't like this alpaca pin simply cannot be trusted.

    6. This little panda stapler is just so much better than a regular stapler.

    7. This Game Boy-inspired notebook is the perfect nostalgic gift for the gamer in your life.

    8. Why have regular paper clips when you could have pig-shaped paper clips?

    9. This UFO pin is truly out of this world.

    10. Keep your pencils in tip-top shape with these adorable pencil sharpeners that look like little eggs.

    11. Only people with a strong nap game can rock this relatable pin.

    12. This magnetic paper clip holder is both funny and functional.

    13. These rainbow sticky notes will make you wonder why you ever used regular sticky notes.

    14. Feel like a goddess whenever you wear this gold leaf headband that's elegant AF.

    15. Any plant parent will love this hanging vase that's both minimalist and rustic.

    16. Protect your surfaces from heat damage with this unbearably cute silicone trivet.

    17. Has there ever been a more relatable pin than this one?

    18. This stylish floral handbag comes in black, white, pink, and blue.

    19. This sunflower necklace is the perfect spring accessory.

    20. These gel pens, because the *key* to good writing is a good pen.

    21. You can use this wonderful watermelon as a cute cosmetics bag OR a charming pencil case.

    22. This milk carton-inspired pencil case is certainly amoosing .

    23. This whimsical log cushion is a comfy conversation starter.

    24. I can scarcely beleaf how fun this ladle is.

    25. This tiara ring will make you feel like the princess that you are.

    26. This pink pin offers some very sage advice.

    27. Drink your favourite potion (AKA coffee) out of this bewitching mug.

    28. This wire stand will help your makeup sponge dry quicker and stay clean. Also, and I cannot emphasise this enough, it has itty bitty feet.

    29. These penguin paperclips are so fun that you'll actually be excited to do paperwork.