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    18 Accessories For Children's Bedrooms That Are Honestly Too Cute

    Including fun wall stickers, adorable night lights, and play tents!

    1. A house-shaped bookshelf, because home is where the books are.

    2. A play tent that's so whimsical, it feels like it's from a Wes Anderson set.

    3. An adorable toy box that looks like a little fox. Honestly, why don't more things look like woodland creatures?

    4. This elephant shaped mirror that will make a truly unforgettable wall accessory.

    5. Or how about this mirror that's shaped like a T-Rex? It will have them roaring in approval (did dinosaurs roar? I feel like they did).

    6. This wooden play kitchen set that's perfect for capturing the imagination of little chefs.

    7. An activity table that kids will race to use. The sleek race car design allows for a surprising amount of storage – there are hidden compartments in the spoiler and hood!

    8. A children's writing table with a fun space design. It's the perfect size for craft projects!

    9. And why not get this matching toy box so your little astronauts can have some extra storage?

    10. An incredibly soft rug with a simple yet soothing design of mountains under a crescent moon.

    11. This pop-up tent that will encourage them to shoot for the moon! They can use it indoors AND outdoors.

    12. A unicorn bookshelf that's just so much better than a regular bookshelf.

    13. This forest wallpaper that will transform their bedroom into a magical woodland.

    14. A majestic wall sticker that's, quite literally, a whale of a time.

    15. A hanging ruler that they can use to measure how much they've grown.

    16. A world map pillowcase that comes with a set of fabric markers, so they can colour in the continents!

    17. A hanging organiser with three pockets that's a space-saving way to store books, toys, and art supplies.

    18. A penguin night light that's almost too cute. It can be powered by batteries or through a USB cable!