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    17 Products To Help Bring A Bit Of The Outdoors Indoors

    No garden, no problem!

    1. Grow five different cactuses with this brilliant succulent kit.

    2. These boxed flowers easily slip through your letterbox and are absolutely gorgeous.

    3. Spice up your life with this grow-your-own-chilli plant kit!

    4. This genius Growbar has everything you need to grow your own strawberries! Just unwrap the bar, place it into a container with plenty of space for growth, and follow the instructions!

    5. This coffee plant comes in a vintage-style coffee tin.

    6. This planter kit has everything you need to grow your very own carnivorous plants.

    7. This loyal llama will give your plant the home it deserves.

    8. This mushroom kit quickly grows delicious oyster mushrooms AND leaves you with a rich compost that will help your other plants thrive.

    9. This charming herb garden comes with soil and seeds, so you can grow your own coriander, oregano, and basil.

    10. This magnetic planter comes with your choice of plant.

    11. This hanging coffee plant will look stunning in any room.

    12. Decorate your indoor plants with these adorable Totoro gnomes.

    13. This bonsai tree kit proves that plants can be art.

    14. Upgrade your plants with this whimsical volcano planter.

    15. If you don't have a green thumb, then this artificial lavender plant is for you.

    16. This moon terrarium will create the perfect conditions for your cactus.

    17. These adorable little eggs will grow the plant of your choice! Options include wild strawberries, lavender, pepper, cactus, and basil.