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    37 Things To Add To Your Wardrobe If You Only Wear Black

    This list is for people who understand that black is the new black.

    1. You'll feel like you're wearing the night sky when you wear this tiered mini dress.

    2. This dramatic jumpsuit is almost too luxurious.

    3. These over-the-knee boots will give any outfit a punk vibe AND the heel is actually comfortable.

    4. This embroidered floral skirt is somehow both goth AND cottagecore.

    5. This chiffon midi dress will help you look cool but feel cosy.

    6. This fun crop top with sheer puffed sleeves is a modern twist on the classic '80s silhouette.

    7. You can pair these chic ankle boots with any winter outfit.

    8. These high waisted black jeans are a wardrobe staple that you'll definitely wear at least three times a week.

    9. Pair this long-sleeved lace dress with fleece lined tights for a chic look that won't have you shivering.

    10. The only problem with this black boiler suit is that you can't wear it 24 hours a day.

    11. This belted striped dress is perfect for layering with a cosy cardigan or jumper.

    12. The embroidered detail on this long-sleeved dress gives it a whimsical yet edgy vibe.

    13. These platform trainers have a classic design that will never go out of style.

    14. This belted winter jacket creates a flattering silhouette.

    15. Emphasise your waist AND add a layer of drama to any outfit with this imitation-leather corset belt.

    16. This playful bodysuit will probably ruffle some feathers, but in a good way.

    17. This cosy flannel shirt dress will keep you snug AND stylish during the winter months.

    18. This black denim maxi dress proves that long dresses can totally be an edgy look.

    19. And if you prefer a higher hemline, then you'll adore this just-above-the-knee denim dress.

    20. It's impossible to wear this tailored jumpsuit and not feel instantly more confident.

    21. This fine knit sweater is cosy without being bulky.

    22. When you're feeling lazy but still want to look cute, this oversized T-shirt is the way to go.

    23. These skinny-fit dungarees, because no wardrobe is complete without at least one pair of cute dungarees.

    24. This puff-sleeved sequin dress, because a little sparkle never hurt anybody.

    25. This long jumper dress with a side split is so soft and comfortable, it's like wearing a warm hug.

    26. This knitted bodysuit would look amazing with your favourite pair of high-waisted jeans.

    27. If this metallic maxi dress doesn't leave you starry-eyed, then I don't know what will.

    28. This high-neck black jumper is a steal at less than £12.

    29. This high-waisted lacy skirt has some Victorian vibes and honestly I'm here for it.

    30. These chunky heeled shoes balance their edgy design with whimsical heart-shaped buckles.

    31. You can accessorise this belted midi dress to be a casual OR formal look.

    32. This chunky knit one-size-fits-all jumper might just steal your heart.

    33. You'll feel like a star in this faux leather mini skirt.

    34. This flirty mini dress looks amazing with or without a belt.

    35. These sheer tights are truly a stellar addition to any outfit.

    36. You should definitely check out this mini skirt.

    37. Look, you can wear literally anything you want during lockdown, so you might as well wear this gorgeous evening dress that's under £20.