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    42 Fun And Thoughtful Gifts For Your BFF, AKA The Platonic Love Of Your Life

    Here are the best gifts for your best friend!

    1. This "Why I Miss You" journal is filled with heartfelt prompts like "Whenever I hear the song __________ I think about you" and "I love how whenever we _________ it's like no time has passed". Give it to your long-distance BFF!

    2. This star sign necklace is a great gift for a stellar BFF who's downloaded multiple horoscope apps.

    3. This trinket dish will give them a cute place to store their earrings.

    4. Cosiness is the best gift of all, so get them this fluffy wearable blanket that feels like a warm hug. One size fits all!

    5. This adorable mug understands that life would be so much better if your BFF was your neighbour.

    6. If your friend has The Great British Bake-Off ambitions but a Nailed It! skill level, get them this easy-to-follow Mug Cakes recipe book so they can make tasty treats with their microwave.

    7. With this engraved ring, you can cheer on your BFF via jewellery! This ring says "keep fucking going", but there are loads of other messages you can choose like "be fearless" and "you got this".

    8. These astronaut earrings will let your best friend know that they're out of this world.

    9. This luxury tea sampler will let your bestie enjoy the best tea – get it? Each sampler contains three loose leaf teas: saffron masala chai, sweet Himalayan green tea, and Earl Grey masala chai.

    10. This framed photo print will artfully display some of your favourite memories.

    11. These faux pearl barrettes will instantly add a little glam to their look.

    12. Whether your BFF is an amateur or expert artist, they'll love these popular watercolour brush pens.

    13. Friends who watch Friends are truly the best friends of all, so get them this sweet mug.

    14. Take their jewellery game to the next level with these versatile jacket earrings that they can wear in a variety of ways.

    15. This colourful notebook is perfect for your organised friend who appreciates good stationery.

    16. Your introverted friend will love this hilarious "staying in" candle with 25 hours of burn time. Plus, you can customise the scent and label colour!

    17. This embroidery kit will help them unleash their creative side and embroider three gorgeous patterns.

    18. And if they like the aesthetic of embroidery but aren't into crafting, then just get them this framed embroidery of their birth flower that you can further personalise by adding their name.

    19. This friendship bracelet looks expensive AF, but it's actually under £10.

    20. This wholesome mug will let them feel loved every time they have a cup of tea.

    21. If they have a dog, they'll love this little ornament that you can personalise with their dog's name! You can choose from over 150 dog breeds, so you're basically guaranteed to find an ornament that looks exactly like their pupper.

    22. These fuzzy AF slippers will make them feel like they're walking on clouds.

    23. This adorable Among Us plushie is a cuddly reminder of their favourite game.

    24. Any true friends will relate to this hilarious mug, because of course you two will still be besties even when you're ghosts.

    25. These purrfect cat gel pens will thrill your friend who loves all things kawaii.

    26. Your fashionista friend will love sprucing up their denim jacket with this detailed iron-on bird patch.

    27. Or they can spruce up their shoes with this pair of small floral patches.

    28. You can personalise this charming notebook with their name and their birth flower.

    29. With this polka dot dressing gown, they can feel glam even when they're just lounging around in their pyjamas. One size fits all!

    30. These ice pop socks will remind your BFF how sweet they are (and also socks are an amazing gift, fight me). They're one-size-fits-all!

    31. This shimmery unicorn gin is pretty magical, just like your friend.

    32. Let them show off their wild side with this fun initial jumper.

    33. Friends don't let friends have neck pain, so get them this vibrating neck massager.

    34. It is a truth universally acknowledged that these gorgeous Jane Austen tarot cards are a one-of-a-kind gift – they also double as playing cards!

    35. This weighted blanket evenly distributes pressure over their body, which helps it to relax.

    36. Your BFF is a star, so treat them to this gorgeous constellation bag that you can customise with their initials.

    37. With this calligraphy book, they'll learn a new skill and get a new hobby! If you want to take this gift to the next level, throw in a set of calligraphy pens.

    38. Why get them one Yankee candle when you could get them three festive Yankee candles?

    39. This Pukka tea set has 30 delicious herbal teas stored in a festive tin.

    40. I'm obsessed with the chic minimalism of this asymmetrical initial necklace.

    41. This K-beauty sheet mask pack is a budget-friendly beauty gift that still feels super luxurious.

    42. With this Instax printer, they can print cute photos of the two of you directly from their phone!