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    23 Beauty Products That Work So Well, They Got An Average Rating Of 4.7 Stars Or Higher

    Here's to the people who leave online reviews!

    1. Make your brows look darker and fuller for longer with this popular eyebrow dye kit. Reviewers love how natural the results look!

    2. Treat yourself to an at-home spa day with these K-Beauty sheet masks that are infused with vitamin C and collagen.

    3. This fun eyeshadow palette is the perfect purchase if you want to practise some new makeup looks during lockdown.

    4. This set of four specialised tweezers, because you shouldn't be using the same pair of tweezers to pluck your brows, remove ingrown hairs, and apply false eyelashes.

    5. The double-ended brushes in this compact set are perfectly designed to shade, define, blend, and smudge your makeup.

    6. Moisturise and revitalise your skin with this body cream that's infused with honey and green tea.

    7. Remove calluses and hard skin with this popular foot file.

    8. This six-pack of vegan soap is infused with soothing essential oils that will leave your hands clean and sweet-smelling.

    9. This cuticle oil moisturises and heals dry and cracked cuticles.

    10. Unlike other hand creams, O'Keeffe's hand cream moisturises dry skin AND creates a barrier that protects your hands and prevents further cracking.

    11. This pink Tangle Teezer detangler quickly and painlessly removes knots from wet hair.

    12. This Garnier sheet mask intensely rehydrates your skin, leaving your face glowing and smooth.

    13. This foamy leave-in conditioner will hydrate and repair damaged hair.

    14. In just five minutes, this intensely hydrating hair mask revitalises your hair and makes it smell amazing.

    15. The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream protects your skin and soothes irritation. It can also be used to style brows, moisturise dry cuticles, and soothe chapped hands.

    16. This fragrance-free face cleanser gently cleanses your skin without stripping it of its natural oils or leaving a greasy sheen.

    17. This vegan makeup brush set is made from recycled aluminium and renewable bamboo, so your makeup routine will become a bit more environmentally friendly.

    18. After you try this cocoa butter swivel stick, you'll never go back to greasy or ineffective lip balms again. Plus, according to the reviews, it smells amazing.

    19. This compact makeup kit is a great gift for any makeup beginner or for anyone who needs to reset their entire collection. It includes eyeshadows, lipsticks, nail polish, eyeliner, brushes, and more!

    20. The wand of this popular Maybelline mascara has micro bristles that coat every lash evenly while simultaneously preventing clumping.

    21. Give your manicure an extra layer of glam with these butterfly-shaped nail sequins.

    22. This five-pack of Garnier sheet masks is less than £10, so you can have a luxury skincare experience without paying a luxury price.

    23. Add some vintage glam to your bathroom with this faux-pearl makeup brush holder.