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    32 Wildy Popular Products That Have Over One Thousand Amazon Reviews

    Sometimes, life is a popularity contest.

    1. These pastel highlighters are just better versions of regular highlighters.

    2. Avoid hair kinks and painful tugging sensations with these Invisibobble hair ties. They apply uneven pressure around the ponytail to avoid pain, ponytail dents, and breakage.

    3. People *swear* by this adult colouring book that's full of, well, colourful adult language.

    4. If this Max Factor lip gloss isn't poppin', I don't know what is.

    5. Unlike disposable baking cups, these reusable silicone cupcake liners don't need grease or cooking spray. You can also use them as snack cups!

    6. Finish your look with this vegan setting spray that works with both liquid and powder foundations.

    7. This eyelash serum leaves your lashes longer and thicker.

    8. These fairy lights are a great way to decorate your bedroom without damaging the walls in any way. Renters rejoice!

    9. Even TLC will want this scrub because it's full of vegan, restorative ingredients like sea salt and mango oil.

    10. Rejuvenate natural and curly hair with this leave-in conditioner that reviewers say is moisturising without being greasy.

    11. These multipurpose facial razors can shape your eyebrows, remove upper lip hair, and exfoliate dead facial skin.

    12. Feel like royalty whenever you wear this Vera Wang Princess perfume. The scent has floral top notes, with vanilla and amber scents at the base.

    13. This Himalayan rock salt lamp will help to create a relaxing atmosphere.

    14. Why squander your youth trying to achieve an even cat-eye when you could just use this eyeliner stamp?

    15. This jewellery cleaning pen will make your diamonds shine bright like a – you guessed it – diamond. It's also compatible with precious stones as well as platinum and gold settings.

    16. This scrub brush is perfectly designed to clean your sharpest knives without getting cut up the way regular sponges tend to.

    17. This nail polish holder makes it insanely easy to give yourself a manicure.

    18. This shampoo brush gently massages your scalp and evenly distributes your shampoo lather.

    19. This laundry egg contains hypoallergenic cleaning pellets that will clean your clothes for 210 washes – that's one year of laundry for an average family!

    20. This mould remover spray will take your bathroom from grimy to gorgeous with just a couple of spritzes.

    21. This Rimmel primer will smooth over your pores and skin texture, creating a pretty much flawless base for your makeup!

    22. This stainless steel "soap" will wash away the smells of garlic, onion, and fish from your hands

    23. Make your dentist proud and up your flossing game with this highly-effective water flosser.

    24. These charcoal teeth whitening strips brighten your smile in just 14 days.

    25. These chocolate-inspired bath melts are the perfect way to unwind after a long day.

    26. These slender webcam covers protect your privacy without damaging your device in any way.

    27. This earwax removal syringe is a more powerful, more effective, and safer method of extracting earwax compared to cotton buds (which often just push the wax deeper into your ear canal).

    28. These eyebrow gel tints from Maybelline peel off in a satisfying way, revealing darker, fuller-looking brows.

    29. This bobble remover has an adjustable blade so you can remove large and small bobbles from any type of clothing.

    30. This copper tongue scraper will remove bacteria and food buildup from your tongue.

    31. This can colander drains out all those weird can juices, so you can have an un-soggy tuna sandwich.

    32. A foam roller is a great way to alleviate those post-workout aches and pains.