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    A Short Story Is Currently Being Written In The Snow

    A writer is writing a story, word by frozen word, in the snows of New York City and documenting it on Instagram.

    Artist and writer Shelley Jackson has set out to write a short story, word by word, in the snow.

    Aptly titled "SNOW," this project is the impermanent polar (sorry, not sorry) opposite of her previous undertaking, "SKIN," in which over 2,000 volunteers tattooed a single word or phrase on their bodies, creating a complete story. (You can see the rather rad results of "SKIN" here.)

    Jackson, who is carving each frigid word out herself, is documenting "SNOW" on Instagram, and describes it in her bio as "a story in progress, weather permitting. (Read in reverse order.)"

    Here (in correct order) is the first line of her winter tale:

    Read more and keep up with the story as it unfolds by following @snowshelleyjackson on Instagram.

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