Reading Rainbow Helps A Child Overcome His Fear Of Flying

    LeVar Burton takes a 8-year-old boy named Sai through his first ever flight to help him overcome his fear of flying.

    Growing up I had a fear of flying. Airplanes seemed like nothing more than plastic tin cans with explosive internal engines that launched hundreds of people at a time into the sky and then fell back toward the hard, unforgiving earth. OK. Maybe I still have a lil' fear of flying.

    Growing up I also had a deep love for the one show on television I was allowed to watch: Reading Rainbow. Hardly anyone I know can read those two words without getting a bad case of the warm nostalgias. These days, LeVar Burton is still doing his damnedest to encourage young people to become young readers. But not only that! In this video, he goes on an aerial adventure with Sai, an 8-year-old who's not only adorable but also totally comprehends that flying is insane. I was hooked.

    Share this video with any child you may know who has a fear of flying, and maybe check out Flying by Keven Ludhardtearn, which shows just how fun flying can be...but you don't have to take my word for it! (Whoa. Sorry. LeVar's the only person who can say that and sound cool. My bad.)

    If you have a kid in your life who you'd like to introduce Reading Rainbow to, all the info you need is below the video.

    The Reading Rainbow app aims to inspire a love of reading in children so they can "go anywhere, be anything." You can try it for free on iPad or Kindle.