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18 Things Only People Who Read To Escape Will Understand

You call 'em book covers, I call 'em escape hatches.

1. Maybe where you are is boring.

2. Or maybe it's...worse.

3. But even if where you are is beautiful.

4. Or exciting.

5. Nothing going on around you is as fascinating as what's going on in your favorite book.

6. Not school books, mind you.

7. Or books that you were *told* to read.

8. But the books you absolutely love.

9. That transport you to anywhere but where you are.

10. (Although finding the perfect hiding place to read doesn't hurt.)

11. So, no matter if you're the most popular person in the world.

12. Or nobody knows you exist.

13. No matter how bad things get.

14. Or how alone you feel.

15. No matter how loud it is.

16. Or quiet, for that matter.

17. Never forget: You're only one book away from adventure.

18. Because...