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    23 Writers With Messages For Straight White Male Publishing


    We asked attendees at the annual Association of Writers & Writing Programs conference if they had any messages for the predominantly white publishing industry. Here are their answers.

    1. "Diversity is not publishing the one story. It's publishing multiple stories from people of diverse backgrounds."

    2. "My main characters are not always black."

    3. "Read less straight white men."

    4. "We read. (And buy books.)"

    5. "Get over it."

    6. "Be honest."

    7. "Listen."

    8. "We owe you nothing."

    9. "Grow up."

    10. "Look out the window."

    11. "Sit down and let us abolish you."

    12. "Ain't nobody got time for that!?!"

    13. "Chill."

    14. "[I am an] Asian American author with an Asian American editor."

    15. "She's coming for you."

    16. "Plz stop."

    17. "We are not tokens."

    18. "You have not doomed us. You've doomed yourselves."

    19. "👀 Pay attention to the world. (—Susan Sontag)"

    20. "Hire women. Diversity makes you strong."

    21. "We don't need you."

    22. "Take a vacation (a long one)."

    23. "Don't assume that you are at the center."

    The views reflected here do not necessarily reflect those of the Association of Writers & Writing Programs.