11 Roombas That Made It On The Best-Dressed List

Your Roomba keeps a low profile while it’s at work. But when it’s time for a night out on the town, your Roomba! knows how to dress to impress! Check out these Roombas that worked and werked their way onto the best dressed list.

1. This Roomba dressed in exotic, one-of-a-kind toad skin!

itoad / Via youtube.com

Watch her work that carpet like a runway!

itoad / Via youtube.com

2. Not everyone can pull off leopard. But that’s not a problem for this kitty magnet!

myRoombud / Via amazon.com

3. This red hot Roomba is looking devilishly handsome in his new duds!

Bryan Hall / Via Flickr: bah

4. This Roomba’s outfit is D.I.Y and we are D.Y.Ing. over its elegance!

5. It’s hard to tell if this toothy Roomba has a cotton tail or a balding head with a little tuft of white hair. But the mystery only adds to how adorable he looks!

myRoombud / Via myroombud.com

6. These retro Roombas are sure to win any costume party they scoot on into!

Can we get a spin ladies?

Jack Elston / Via youtube.com

7. We love that this Roomba babe used a brimmed cap to accentuate her curvy figure. The simple eyes and lips were a great touch.

sondejm / Via e-robot.pl

8. This lucky Roomba is looking like a lady in her polka-dot print ensemble!

myRoombud / Via myroombud.com

9. It doesn’t matter if these tiger stripes are horizontal or vertical, this wild Roomba is looking as fit as the day it came out of the box!

myRoombud / Via amazon.com

10. This festive Roomba is looking both naughty and nice in his holiday gear!

albedopoint39 / Via youtube.com

And while this robot does get around, he wants to make sure you know he’s not a Ho, Ho, Ho.

albedopoint39 / Via youtube.com

11. Accessorizing her cow print dress with a horsie and cowboy boots, this southern belle always sticks true to her country roots!

myRoombud / Via myroombud.com

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