21 Splashy Ways To Enter A Pool

There is no wrong way to enter a pool. Right-side-up, upside down, intentionally, or unintentionally… in the end you wind up in a refreshing body of water and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. But when you somehow wind up in a pool this Summer, and trust us you will, just make sure it’s clean. Or get yourself iRobot’s Mirra Pool Cleaning Robot, it’ll do the cleaning for you so that you can concentrate on mastering that belly flop.

1. Like a boss.

2. In high fashion.

3. In tranquility.

DreamWorks Pictures/ Old School / Via youtube.com

4. In marital bliss.

6. Almost as a team.

7. Like a hunk.

20th Century Fox/ The Sandlot / Via youtube.com

8. Forwards.

9. Backwards.

Splash / ABC Network / Via youtube.com

10. Breaking through ice.

11. Not exactly breaking through ice.

12. Like a Show-off.

Orion Pictures/ Back to School / Via youtube.com

13. Through the drain.

15. From great heights.

Warner Bros. Pictures/ Caddyshack / Via youtube.com

16. While destroying a chair.

17. While destroying an entire home.

18. Dramatically in front of your crush.

Columbia Pictures/ Not Another Teen Movie / Via youtube.com

19. Using olympic acrobatics.

20. Using no acrobatics whatsoever.

21. At your leisure.

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