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Are you a sentinel of your business?

Are you a sentinel of your business?What are you watching more? Is it important for you to control your employees ,to be seen as an unapproachable and powerfull person?The business will fail rapidly because the fear will affect the staff decisions.They will resign or will have time only to slander instead of manage the time properly. Are you obsessed to control the sales and to look for culprits?An obsession doesn't mean that you will accomplish the target.It disturbs the development of any company .The "culprits" will feel like prisoners in their workplace. Are you interested permanently in posting about your company and its results ? Don't suffocate the readers ,friends or followers.Engage in discussions about great work environments,leadership ,time management etc.You can share opinions but also learn to manage better! Are you convinced that your company can function without investing more money in technology ?The progress makes you to save money,time and attract best employees. .The young employees are so addicted and accustomed with new technology that will work to the best parameters. Are you permanently afraid of competition?Do you ask yourself million of questions about their strategies?Do you blame the lack of luck,the money you need,the location or the prestige? Stop!It is another story,another people,another thinking !Appreciate but not envy.This was not the reason when you started the business,to be afraid or disturbed by the competition.If it were so ,not even started the business.You bet your idea with courage and belief. Guard your business investing in people ,technology and mostly in you to have capacity to perceive beyond and understand your role in the other's life.

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