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9 Times Sarah Jessica Parker Did The Absolute Most At The Met Gala

"This girl is on fire!" —Alicia Keys, probably.

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1. When she was hatin' on Santa Claus.

2. When she was like, "So long, ex-Prince Ali!"

3. When she kept calling herself the Shape-Shifting Master of Darkness.

Sarah jessica parker really came dressed as aku from samurai jack tho

4. When she was volunteering as Tribute.

5. When she arrived in Angel Grove to take on the Power Rangers.

“Ahhhh! After 10,000 years I’m free!” #MetGala

Saban Entertainment

6. When she went after the Incredibles next.

#MetGala #SarahJessicaParker looks like #Syndrome from The Incredibles

7. When she was in a PokeBattle.

Sarah Jessica Parker looks stuuuuunning tonight #MetGala

8. When she starred in a Sandra Bullock movie.

This is what Sarah Jessica Parker looks like (Betty White) #MetGala. The Proposal: chanting scene (2009) via

9. When she made you go smh.

I don't know what Sarah Jessica Parker is here, but I do know that she isn't Chinese. So stop that. #MetGala

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