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American Presidential Election 2016: Five Merits Of Mrs. Clinton Over Mr. Trump

Despite the conclusion of the third televised American Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the remaining two weeks of the elections campaigns seems to be politically charged than before. As Hillary Clinton’s election campaign is moving towards the climax, her election strategy is picking up the pace in order to secure her Presidential Election victory. Therefore, it is important to outline the strengths of Mrs. Clinton.

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Focus on Clean Sweep Victory

As the voting has begun in some of the impactful states of America, on Sunday, Mrs. Clinton visited North Carolina to appease the marginalized community of the US. The main purpose of this, it seems is to persuade the voters to vote early. This could directly go in favor of Mrs. Clinton in terms of laying the groundwork for her lead over Mr. Trump, especially in all those states of the US where balloting has started. Similarly, her efforts to gain support in not only the Democratic Party but Congress will contribute in increasing her chance of success.

Not Getting Distracted

If I were asked to pinpoint one demerit of Mr. Trump that has contributed in making Mrs. Clinton's case stronger, it would be Mr. Trump tendency to relentlessly attack his opponent. Though an aggressive approach is often considered as a successful strategy to score points in the debate, however, Mr. Trump's propensity to make his arguments obsolete devalues his valid points. In this regards, Mrs. Clinton seems to be cognizant of the caveats associated with cross-talk or attacking one's opponents over and over again. Furthermore, it has helped her to maintain focus rather than getting distracted by the Mr. Trump tactic to exhaust the contender with non-stop attacks

Galvanizing Influence in Senate

The focus of Mrs. Clinton's campaign on increasing the support in the Republican states is another strategy that could not only decrease the votes for Mr. Trump, rather it may facilitate in growing the Democratic influence in the Senate. For instance, Mrs. Clinton's North Carolina visit is already complete, and Florida visit is planned for this week. Likewise, the prominent supporters of Guns in Arizona have gathered reasonable influence for the Democrat nomination, Mrs. Clinton.

Diplomatic Skills

Although being diplomatic is considered in negative connotations by some, however, if a candidate possesses the skills in the right amount, it could turn into an asset in terms of not only preventing conflicts and facing challenges, but it keeps the system running. In simple words, critics may disagree with Mrs. Clinton policy and approach, however, what cannot be neglected is that Mrs. Clinton diplomatic skills along with her political experience definitely provide her with an edge over Mr. Trump. This means that she possesses the potential to handle political crisis and policy matters in a prudent manner.

Stance on Women and Election Result

Despite the favorable articulation of Mrs. Clinton on Women issue during the election campaign, Mr. Trump's outrageous statements on the acceptability of Election result and allegation of women makes Mrs. Clinton's approach seem moderate. To put simply, the impact of Mr. Trump's irresponsible comments on Presidential race can be estimated in form of the release of the audio tape that contained lewd remarks and how it turned out to be an important point of discussion in the Presidential debate. Similarly, the controversy related to his reluctance to accept the election result has drawn criticism in addition to weakening his case. This means that ultimately, Mr. Trump's flaws will probably make Mrs. Clinton case stronger in the eyes of women voters and the advocate of democracy, if not all Americans.

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