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    I Have Very Strong Opinions On The "Victorious" Cast So I Ranked Them

    This is just my opinion... but my opinion is very strong.

    7. Tori


    Let's be honest: Tori tries too hard. And no, not to be nice or sweet or something, she tries too hard to be popular and funny. No one actually laughs at her jokes except the laugh track, and when she's awful to her friends she makes up for it with a three minute song?!?! Everything about her screams insincere.

    6. Trina


    While yes, her She-cago performance was gold, that was really the only part of the character I liked. I kept expecting character growth, but throughout the series she stayed mean and narcissistic.

    5. Beck


    Ok tbh, he wasn't the dream boy the show made him out to be. He kind of sucked as a boyfriend — no wonder Jade is so clingy! If she wasn't, he'd be cheating on her or getting too close for comfort with other girls. His whole relationship with Tori just made me angry, because Jade deserved so much better.

    4. Robbie


    Okay yes, I love Robbie, but he can be a bit much. He's super sweet, but he and Rex are over the top. I mean, he's a high schooler who's co-dependent...on a puppet. :/

    3. Cat


    Don't get me wrong, I think Cat is awesome! It's just that the way her character developed into a (very) annoying and kinda dumb girl made me mad. Cat was so funny in the first season and the show kind of ruined her character. Still, based on her first season, I think she deserves this spot.

    2. Andre


    Ok, Andre was honestly the best friend someone could have. He was super sweet and caring for Tori, even when she was mean to him! He basically carried her in their performances, writing all the lyrics and the melody. He deserved a much better friend than Tori, and she didn't deserve him.

    1. Jade


    Jade is BY FAR the best character on Victorious. She's the only one who is actually relatable, especially due to the fact that she uses her bluntness as a shield. She was the only character who was made to have flaws, and she owns them beautifully. Liz Gillies, if you're reading this, I loved your performance. :)