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The Butterfly Effect

He knows his dream now. beat boxing his way through the platform.

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The Butterfly Effect

Stuttering on the center stage with the lights all over his face and the audience booing

He summoned his entire courage; still all they could hear was just his heavy breathing sounds

It wasn’t what his dream was; in fact he could hear people abusing him now and the patience seemed to be a real deal

It’s havoc! He grew colder!

Run Jamil, the bridge is going to collapse. His friend shouted; the dreamy havoc turned into a real one

He got up, started running with hardly any eye open and seconds later the tiny head of Jamil banged the iron pillar

He fell right on the skybridge and didn’t move

“Say something, else they will throw you out of the stage.” He heard a soft voice from the back stage

“I can’t. I am too afraid. I can’t do it!” He looked in the direction of the voice

“No you are not. You never were afraid of anything my son”

Jamil looked deeply into the darkness. “Mother!” and a smile prevailed

“Mother why do we need to beg.” Jamil was sitting with his mother outside platform No-01 in a dark night

“We beg because we want to see the rich ones and learn the way they talk, walk and eat.”

“You want me to walk like them?” “I know you will son.”

“Okay let me show you” He ran towards the ramp

Two steps into his walk he witnessed a speeding car crush his mother! “Mother!!!”

“Its my first time on the stage” His voice echoed in the arena and there was a dead silence

The first beat out of his mouth, the next one and a series of such after that

It took him half a minute to get the crowd on their feet.

He regained consciousness; tasted the iron of the bridge, held his head and toddled past the bridge humming his favorite song in his mind.

Head bleeding and feet barely moving. Jalil walked with his dream, beat boxing his playlist and sat outside Platform No-01.


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