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11 Tweets About Taxes That Will Make You Say "Please Help Me"

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So tax season is coming up! And with it, its many, uh, joys. :(

1. Honestly? There has to be a better way.

Tax-wise, it would make more sense if your business was built on giving away free, actual medieval lances, rather than freelancing.

2. Better than this confusing nonsense.

the only difference between taxes & taxidermy is that one always seemed inhumane and weird and the other involves playing with dead animals

3. What even are taxes again?

Not totally sure how taxes work, but if I spend all of my $$$ on fog machines I'm good, right?

4. It can be so confusing that even basic conversations about taxes cease to make any sense at all.

My Very Italian Tax Man: So, you know the Muppets? They good people?

5. Getting the most of your deductions can feel like doing a puzzle in the dark.

I am very much hoping that, come tax time, I can write off the expense of this desk my parents bought me as a child #freelancelife

6. You might even be tempted to do something like this! But please, please don't.

No one is answering me re: taxes, so therefore I will continue to not think about them and pretend everything is OK.

7. You could totally ask your parents for help. Hopefully, they are not also asking their parents for help, but, like, you never know.

CHEAP DIY TAXES: 'here's all my paperwork, dad.'

8. But whatever your plan, it's important to be PREPARED.

getting ready for tax season when u have freelancer income

9. Because then you can get 'em in early, you know, for money and also bragging rights. But mostly money.

already did my taxes, so....yeah, basically i'm killing it at life

10. Handling the refund adrenaline can be a bit of a struggle.

me: ok I gotta be better with money, time to only buy important things [my tax return comes in] me: COMICS! COMICS COMICS COMICS COMICS COMI

11. But perhaps, with the right help, you can get enough of a refund to put some in savings *and* enjoy a ridiculous purchase.

I always think I'll save my tax return and then the day after it arrives I somehow wake up in a house made of pure gold

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