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10 Ways You Never Knew You Could Become A Millionaire

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1. Doggles

The http://U.S. Army / CC BY http://2.0 /

Goggles for your dogs? Who'da thunk? But doggles have grown into a million dollar fashion statement that no dog should be without.

3. Pet Rocks

Who needs a Furby or a Tickle-Me-Elmo when you can have a rock? These rocks with googly eyes were the brainchild of advertising exec Gary Dahl and managed to sell 1.5 million "pets" in 1975, making Dahl a millionaire.

5. The Million Dollar Homepage

In 2005, Alex Tew had the "brilliant" idea of creating a website consisting of a million pixels and selling adspace for a dollar per pixel. About five months later he had made a million dollars.

8. Lucky Wishbone Co.

Ever get down during Thanksgiving dinner because you didn't get to snap the wishbone? Ken Ahroni solved this problem with a mass-produced plastic wishbone that snaps just like the real thing.

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