10 Popular Websites That Don’t Look Like They Used To

Face it, the internet has been around for a while now. Remember what these sites looked like 10+ years ago? Congratulations, you’re old. Be sure to check out the great events at New York’s Internet Week May 20th-27th - you’ll see just how far this internet fad has come.

1. Twitter

Twitter must have sounded like such a silly idea when it came about in 2006. Well, fast forward seven years and we’ve got presidential candidates using it to field questions during debates.

2. Yahoo

Yahoo has been around forever, guys. Look at those old icons. Look at the prompt - “Need a Friend?” Of course you don’t. There’s internet now.

3. Facebook

Mark closed the door on his ivy-league education to get Facebook off the ground, which was probably a good choice, overall. While the functionality of Facebook has drastically changed over the years, the basic layout has mostly survived.

4. BuzzFeed

Oh how did this get in here! We’re blushing.

5. Wikipedia

Curious laymen and lazy college students rejoice - Wikipedia is twelve years old. And they’ve managed to keep it simple and intuitive the whole way through. Good on ya, Wikipedia.

6. YouTube

In its infancy, YouTube must have been a pretty confusing place. Videos? Why would I want to watch random videos? So naive, eight-year-younger self! SO NAIVE.

7. Google

The OG. Dropped the exclamation point, gained a title: Master of All Things Internet.

8. Amazon

Mmmmm…html. Love it. When Amazon was just for books, the internet was so young that people didn’t question the design choices. They were mostly just trying to master hand-eye coordination with the cursor.

9. MySpace

It’s had its ups and downs, sure. But look at it! The ugly duckling is now a swan.

10. Reddit

Alright, well…ok. At least on a surface level, Reddit hasn’t changed much. Wow. It really hasn’t changed much at all, has it.

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