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10 Vegetarian Mains That Aren't Chickpeas

Fart less, eat more.

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4. Eggplant with Tomato Sauce and Mint Yogurt

Honey and Dates / Via

Eggplant serves as the bed for a delicious tomato sauce spiced with turmeric and chilli powder in this classic Afghan dish. The richness of the dish is balanced with an acidic mint yogurt sauce.

6. South Indian Style Okra

NDTV / Via

This South Indian dish starts with okra, then come spices, and coconut to make it a satisfying and hearty main dish. Something exotic to spice up those mundane weeknight dinners.

8. Cozy Butternut, Sweet Potato and Red Lentil Stew

Angela Liddon / Via

A simple vegan dish is elevated with fragrant spices and coconut milk, which will taste even better the next day. Lentils add protein to make this main feel complete.

9. 30 Minute Vegetarian Meatballs

Pinch of Yum / Via

A Soy-free, and gluten-free meatless meatball made with simple and whole ingredients that comes together in 30 minutes, perfect for pasta, meatball subs or anywhere because meatballs are delicious!

10. Sweet Potato, Squash, and Black Bean Enchiladas

Thug Kitchen / Via

These vegan enchiladas come together with sweet potatos, squash and black beans (smaller beans = smaller farts) packed with fibre and protein. Perfect to make ahead of time and to serve family style during special gatherings.

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