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12 Faces That Are Too Real For Anyone With Credit Card Debt

It happens. Use Interac® Debit instead of credit, and don't fall into credit card debt like these innocent pets did.

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1. When you're offered a high credit card limit:

2. When you want something you can’t afford, and you suddenly realize…credit card!


You'll just use it this once.

3. When your interest-free period is up:

4. You, when you split the bill at a restaurant, and the server tells you your credit card was declined: / Via

You've maxed all your credit cards. Activate panic mode.

5. When your friends start commenting on your lavish spending:

6. When you’re late on your payments, and you start getting letters about it:


Not opening those. Not today.

7. When you actually look at your statement and see the damage you've done:

8. When you realize you don’t know how you’re going to get yourself out of this mess:

9. When someone who’s good with money tries to break it all down for you:

10. When the ugly reality of massive credit card debt finally hits you:

11. When you get another one of those “amazing” credit card offers in the mail:

12. And when you finally, finally feel like you’ve got your finances under control: / Via

You will never, never be bad with money again!

Credit card debt can happen to anyone. Use Interac® Debit instead of credit so you don't wind up in a bad situation!

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