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11 Technological Innovations That'll Make You Believe Magic Is Real

Magic is all around us every day thanks to technology – and thanks to Intel.

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1. Vending machines you can interact with using gestures.

Intel RealSense / Via

Imagine being able to order from a wide selection of food and snacks without having to make contact with gross buttons that have been touched by thousands of other people. This thing is seriously perfect for high-traffic and sterile environments like airports and hospitals.

2. Music and soundscapes created with just your hands.

Intel RealSense / Via

Not all musicians need to be pros at playing a traditional instrument. RealSense technology lets aspiring musicians and creators compose their own soundscapes just by gesturing with their hands.

3. Drones that deliver medical aid to remote areas.

Intel / Via

Shuttling in medical supplies by road can be a slow and inefficient process. Using drones to transport medical samples and supplies has been proven to be both fast and cost-efficient, which has enormous potential for regions struck by natural disasters or epidemics.

4. Clothing that responds to the way your body is feeling at any given moment.

Intel / Via

"Smart clothing" is essentially wearable technology that uses sensors to monitor heart rate, perspiration, and respiration. For instance, Chromat's Areos bra is a sports bra that responds to body temperature by opening and closing built-in vents!

5. Software that lets you transform the backgrounds of your photos and videos in real time.

Intel RealSense / Via

Never bother with a green screen or complicated photo editing programs again, because there's software that can seamlessly extract or replace background and foregrounds in real time. Troll your friends by video chatting them from paradise!

6. Sensors that help the blind see.

Intel / Via

Augmented Reality is a technology that helps blind people "see" by using sensors to supplement the experience of reality by those who are blind or visually impaired. The technology uses 3D camera technology and vibrating sensors embedded in clothing that send feedback to the wearer, telling them about the environment they're in.

7. 360-degree videos that let you virtually surf waves.

Intel / Via

Australian surfer Mark Mathews brings his fans immersive surfing videos that practically make them feel like they're riding the waves themselves. The 360-degree HD videos are shot while he surfs big waves all around the world, all while wearing a rig of three modified cameras.

9. Smartphones that can adapt to their environments.

Intel / Via

Contextual computing is an area that's getting more and more love from researchers, and smartphones are now being tested with sensor data. Phones equipped with audio sensors could determine whether to ring or stay silent based on your environment! You'll never have to worry about your phone ringing during a meeting or interview again.

10. Robots that can help save 50% more water.

Intel / Via

Two high school freshmen in California teamed up to build a robotic watering and monitoring system to help farmers save water. The robots regularly check how wet or dry the plants' environment is and dispenses just the right amount of water. The innovation is game-changing, especially in light of California's devastating drought.

11. Wall art that literally radiates light.

Jamie Zigelbaum / Intel / Via

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in how art is created, and there's no medium that illustrates that better than digital art. Digital art often explores the human relationship with technology. Jamie Zigelbaum's Pixel is a piece of digital art that is mounted like a painting – but it emits bright light and has a touch-sensitive screen, much like a smartphone.

Technology is truly magical. Discover even more amazing innovations with Intel.