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Prediction: 12 Amazing 2-In-1 Gadgets That'll Soon Be Real

Necessity is the mother of invention, and we need our hands on these awesome innovations as soon as possible. Intel knows a fresh idea when they see it: Take a #LookInside and learn more about the world of tomorrow!

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1. Breath-Freshening Cereal

Thinkstock / Buzzfeed

Coming soon: the ultimate two-in-one breakfast solution for city dwellers. It's a minty fresh, crunchy cereal that leaves you with fresh breath and clean teeth, cutting essential minutes off your commute.

2. The Flying Car

Andrew Burton / Getty Images

A mainstay of sci-fi movies, the flying car is close to becoming a reality. Terrafugia plan on releasing the first commercially available flying car, called the TF-X, which will have a range of 500 miles, in or around 2021.

All we need now are some silver spacesuits.

3. The muscle-toning onesie

(Left) Vic Burton / Flickr (CC BY-SA http://2.0) Modified (Right) Thinkstock / Via Flickr: 11433049@N02

Combining cutting-edge fitness electronics with plush fabric, this cosy little number will help tone your muscles while you lie around watching TV. Who wouldn't want one?

4. Vitamin Bath Bubbler


This gadget will not only convert your bath into a Jacuzzi — it'll also enrich the water with a perfect balance of vitamins to be absorbed through the skin, leaving you feeling healthy all over.

In other words, you can insist that a bubble bath is part of your health routine. Win.

5. Solar Laptop Skin


Every coffee shop dweller's dream — combining solar panel technology with a stylish laptop skin that tops up your battery while you’re working.

Now, if only we had more sunshine…

7. Laundry-Sorting Wardrobe

Harpal Padwal / Getty Images

This ingenious wardrobe will automatically fold, pair and sort all clothes you dump into a chute. If we can do it with coins, why can’t we do it with washing?

8. (Real) Mood Lighting


A combination of adjustable lighting and biometric mobile technology will change the lighting in your home to suit your mood.

Warm, cheering colours when you're tired and down, and bright colours to help you wake in the morning? Sounds good to us!

10. The Blender-Cooker


Picture this: a machine, halfway between a food processor and a slow cooker, that can not only blend but cook your ingredients to perfection. Perfect for lazy gastronomes the world over.

11. Heartbeat Shoes


With all the big sporting brands getting in on 'wearable technology,' it seems like a matter of time until we'll all be wearing these intelligent trainers.

They'll judge your pace and heart rate, selecting music of the correct BPM from your library to keep you going steady — and thoroughly pumped — while out for a jog.

12. Window Glass TV


Why struggle to mount your TV on a living room wall, when your window is the biggest screen you'll ever need?

Combining intelligent glass with fibre-optics, the window screen would transform your glass surfaces into opaque screens at the press of a button. Awesome for movie nights — unless you decide to watch Rear Window.

For another great partnership, #LookInside Intel's amazing new 2-in-1 devices here — and find your own match!

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