10 Hilarious Auditions Worth Watching

Sometimes the worst auditions make for the best viewing. Check out these giggle-inducing outtake fails (and occasional nuggets of win), then get ready to submit an audition of your own to The Beauty Inside, the new Social Film by Intel & Toshiba featuring the Ultrabook™. Inspired by Intel®.

1. Steve Carell Turns The Stupid Up To 11 For “Anchorman”

Steve Carell auditions for what will become his breakthrough role: Brick the incredibly dimwitted meteorologist. Even funnier than the movie.

2. Chris Klein Sings An Audition For “Mamma Mia,” Embarrases Western Civilization

Chris Klein couldn’t sing his way out of a hot apple pie. This one is really cringe-inducing.

3. Legendarily Awful Martial Arts Audition

A series of hapless men attempt to perform martial arts moves for a director. They fail miserably.

4. Tobias Fünke Dies In A Fire … Sale

Tobias Fünke makes a simple commercial audition much more complicated than it needs to be.

5. Fight Water With Water On The “X Factor” (U.K.)

Those cups of water that judges on reality talent shows always have next to them are for more than just quenching one’s thirst.

6. That’s Quite A Talent

An audition for a talent show in the Philippines reveals a horrifying secret power.

7. Will Ferrell Talks About Plums On “Eastbound & Down”

Will Ferrell visits HBO’s “Eastbound & Down” and proceeds to make every other actor (and himself) laugh uncontrollably.

8. David Cross Meta-Auditions

David Cross, years before his role as Tobias in “Arrested Development,” did an even more elaborate (and hilarious) audition sketch for his HBO cult hit “Mr. Show.”

9. The Worst Of The Worst Of The Worst Of “American Idol”

“American Idol” winners frequently fade into obscurity, but the failed auditions are never, ever forgotten. Here’s 10 of the very best of the very worst.

10. Hugh Laurie’s Jaw-Dropping Audition For “House, M.D.”

Filming the audition from a hotel bathroom half-a-planet away from Hollywood, Hugh Laurie goes from his natural fancypants Oxford English to House’s wonderful American Sneerspeak in less time than it takes to pop a pill … jaw-droppingly great, and funny to boot.

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