10 Incredible Things Maker Culture Has Brought To The World

DIY + Technology + Creativity. People can do SUCH COOL THINGS.

1. The “Oru Kayak”

This kayak FOLDS — a dream come true for outdoorsy city dwellers!

2. The “GoSun Stove”

GoSun Stove / Via gosunstove.com

A completely solar-powered stove that can cook hearty meals in just 20 minutes! Read more here.

3. The “3Doodler” 3D printing pen

Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters

A pen that literally shoots out molten, quick-cooling plastic. WILD.

4. The “MaKey MaKey”…

CC BY http://2.0 / Jay Silver / Via Flickr: 49822796@N00

…which allows you to play piano on bananas (among many other things)!

CC BY http://2.0 / Jay Silver / Via Flickr: 49822796@N00

Basically, the MaKey MaKey turns virtually any everyday object into touchpads that connect to your computer! Read more here.

5. The “Egg-Bot”

An open-source art robot that can draw on various spherical objects.

Best holiday craft aid EVER.

6. A smartphone microscope

Yoshinok / Via instructables.com

Using only $10 on materials, you can follow this Instructables guide and turn your smartphone camera into a functional microscope!

7. The “Orchestra Scarf”

POPKALAB / Orchestra Scarf / Via popkalab.com

POPKALAB’s Orchestra Scarf is a sound-based garment that allows the wearer to mix different tracks by interacting with different closures on the garment!

8. The “OpenReflex”

Leo Marius / Via instructables.com

A functional 3D printed SLR camera! Completely open-source for your own making and tweaking.

9. The “YesYesBot”

This is a robot that MOVES AROUND AND DISPENSES CANDY. Made from 3D-printed parts, motors, LEDs, Linux, the Galileo, and most importantly, candy. By interactive collective YesYesNo.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich with the “YesYesBot”

10. “Lyt,” a collaborative drawing canvas that uses light!

Whoaaaaaaa. Imagine simply drawing on your tablet or smartphone with your fingers and seeing it translate into large-scale light paintings! By interactive studio Second Story.

Many incredible creative projects have been made with Intel Galileo Maker Board, including two of the above! Srsly, an awesome tool for all creative people! What would you make with Galileo?

Check out Intel iQ’s amazing site to discover more about the maker movement and other innovations in technology!

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