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13 Technologies You Can't Believe Actually Exist

This list will shock you with how smart humans are. Intel iQ narrates and celebrates the impact that technological advancements have on all of our lives.

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2. A lab-grown heart made of stem cells that beats on its own.


Lab-grown hearts could help an estimated 17 million people per year with heart problems. The only logical next step? At home human growing kits. Read more, here.

3. An EEG that allows you to move water with your mind.


Korean artist, Lisa Park, has a very cool magic trick. She can move water with her brain by wearing a Neuro Sky headset that translates brain waves into sound waves, which then vibrates water. Learn more about Lisa Park's project, here.

4. A robotic prosthetic arm made with a 3-D printer.


A genius 14 year old made a 3-D printed prosthetic arm using a Nintendo Power Glove and brain wave powering devices. The arm allows a great deal of precision and control, and is less costly than most prosthetics. How do you like them apples? Learn more about his story, here.

5. Baxter, the blue collar robot.

Steve Jurvetson / Via Flickr: jurvetson

A robot named Baxter can safely and intelligently perform menial tasks. Baxter is an interesting alternative solution to outsourcing goods. Baxter and his robot army will probably have you out of a job in twenty years, though. Learn more about the robot revolution, here.

6. Prenatal DNA sequencing.

UHB Trust / Via

Pre-natal tests allow parents the option to learn about a baby's health. Future tests might even be able to tell if a baby will have curly or straight hair. One day we will probably be able to choose between green eyes or blue eyes. Read more, here and here.

8. Headphones that read your mind to choose what music to play.


These Mico headphones by Neuro Wear play music based on your emotional state. The headphones use a forehead sensor that determines one of three possible mood states: focused, drowsy, or stressed. This is essentially too cool. Read more, here.

10. A synthetic hamburger grown in a lab.


If scientists learn how to do this cheaply, lab-grown meat might solve world hunger in decades to come. Scientists can grow burgers in less than ten minutes with muscle stem cells, butter, and sunflower oil. Learn more, here.

11. An electric car that folds up to park.


Can't fit in a parking space? No problem. In the future, you will probably be able to fit your car in a backpack. But for now, a collapsible car will have to do. Read more, here.

13. A projected interface that turns any surface into a touch screen.


What if you didn't have to worry about losing your remote ever again? This amazing technology can turn any surface into a touch screen, just like every crazy sci-fi movie you have ever seen. Learn more, here.

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