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11 Classic Movie Plots That Wouldn't Fly Today

Kids these days just won't understand the classics. Technology is changing the way we look at movies. Are you up to speed? Head to iQ to discover the latest trends in technology and inspiration for your next device..

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1. Jake and Elwood would've had no problem getting the band back together with facebook accounts.

Universal/courtesy Everett Collection, 2

2. Derice, Yul, Junior, and Sanka would've certainly won gold with a Kickstarter-funded state of the art bobsled.

Mary Evans/WALT DISNEY PICTURES/Ronald Grant/Everett Collection

3. Miranda Hillard would've had no problem finding a nanny on Sorry Mrs. Doubtfire.

4. Luke's family tree would've revealed a lot on

5. Scotty Smalls would've never grabbed his dad's ball after a quick Wikipedia search for "Babe Ruth." / Via http://20th%20Century%20Fox

6. Charlie might have still found a golden ticket, but there's no way he could've logged on to find out if he won.

7. Marion Crane would've definitely passed on the Bates Motel after checking out

PSYCHO, 1998. ©Universal/courtesy Everett Collection , Mary Evans/Shamley Productions/Ronald Grant/Everett Collection

8. Ferris Bueller would've been totally busted after checking into the Art Institute on foursquare.

Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection

9. Sonny Corleone would've blown through the Long Beach Causeway toll plaza with an EZ Pass.

10. Dorothy and her gang would've had no trouble finding the Emerald City with a GPS device.

11. Opponents would've brought dog treats to games after catching all of Air Buds youtube vids.

Via http://AIR%20BUD%20courtesy%20Everett%20Collection,%202

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Did we miss anything? Share your favorite tech plot spoiler in the comments below.

Did we miss anything? Share your favorite tech plot spoiler in the comments below.