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10 Of The Coolest Pieces Of Tech To Ever Debut At The International CES

International CES is tech-geek nirvana. If you can't get enough of tech news, watch the opening convention keynote from Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, here.

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6. 3D TV channels.

At the 2011 International CES, 3net debuted. 3net is the only 3D TV channel available. It's a joint venture between Discovery, Sony, and IMAX, and it's available on DirecTV.

7. Tablet-controlled drones.

TBWABusted / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 45614409@N05

In 2010, the AR.drone premiered at the International CES. Now for sale, it's controlled through a tablet or phone. Video footage from the drone can be delivered to any Wi-Fi-enabled device as well.

9. Transparent LCD screens.

It's so Minority Report it hurts.

10. Personalized sleep optimization systems.

At this year's CES, Withings debuted Aura, a system that analyzes all elements of your sleep environment to alter the lights and sounds, maximizing REM and melatonin production.

Biometric fitness headphones.


This year, Intel unveiled biometric head phones that provide fitness tracking capabilities. In addition listening to your favorite music, they can also measure your heart rate, calorie count, number of steps, as well as other health stats. Now that’s some smart ear buds!

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