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15 Things 1980s College Students Did That Would Baffle Kids Today

Can you relate? Class of '85, meet Intel's 2015 class of tablets and 2 in 1s.

1. Owning a 30-pound desktop that's larger than your desk.

2. Fixing typos on your thesis paper using correction tape or whiteout.

3. Taking a selfie, then dropping it off at the film lab.

4. Talking on a corded phone within earshot of all your roommates.

5. Looking up numbers and addresses in the phone book...

6. ...or, worse, dialing 4-1-1 at a grody pay phone.

7. Pulling pranks under some of the most unfortunate fashion trends.

8. Renting movies from the off-campus video store...

9. ...and rewinding the tape when the last airhead didn't even bother.

10. Waiting for the library to open so you could start your research paper...

11. ...and waiting even longer when someone else was using the encyclopedia volume you needed.

12. Spending quarters at the arcade in between classes...

13. ...but saving just enough coins to grab a 62¢ hamburger from the dining hall.

14. Adjusting the gigantic rabbit-ear antenna on your TV set.

15. And, finally, sniffing the exams that came fresh out of the mimeograph machine.

The roommates were rad. The calculator watch: not so much. Graduate to 2015 with Intel-powered tablets and 2 in 1s.