12 Ways To Get Through A Long-Distance Holiday

Just because there are miles between you doesn’t mean you have to be apart for the holidays. It’s still possible to stay connected, just like any 2 in 1 device powered by Intel.

So you got a great job offer and had to move far away for work.

Auf wiedersehen!

Unfortunately, plane tickets were way too expensive to fly back home for the holidays…

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…and you won’t be able to see your family.

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How… how will you survive?

Don’t worry. Everything will be A-OK!

1. For starters, plan on cooking the same meal and eating at the same time…

2. …and setting up Skype so it feels like you’re in the same room.

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You’re coming in loud and clear, can you please pass the mashed potatoes?

3. You have a bunch of orphan friends in your new city who can’t go home either — invite them over so you can be alone together.

4. Ask each bud to bring a reminder from home to share with you.

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Present alert: All these reminders can double as gifts, too.

5. Spend time at a local soup kitchen…

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6. …and help those in need.

7. Decorate your place with some family heirlooms.

Ashley Cook / BuzzFeed

8. Ask your mom to pretty, pretty please overnight you one of her famous pumpkin pies.


Because for some reason, yours never turn out as tasty.

9. Have someone send you a video of the family dog opening his presents.

10. Bake cookies for the neighbors you haven’t met yet.


Nothing feels better than a random act of kindness.

11. Watch a marathon of your favorite holiday movies.

67505_004 / Charlie Brown Christmas / ABC

12. Finally, start counting down the days until you can see everyone again.


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