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These Demons Will Haunt Your Dreams Tonight, You’re Welcome

This way, please. The demons are ready for you. Insidious: The Last Key is in cinemas Jan. 4, 2018.

Insidious: The Last Key is the next horror film to come from the Insidious nightmare designers, and it comes with a new set of terrifying demons.

Elise confronts her ghosts from the past, while you confront the idea that it's going to be hard to fall asleep tonight.

Especially when demons are coming for everyone from every dark corner...

You wish these were harmless domestic cockroaches! No, friend. These are likely demon cockroaches.

Imagine being cornered in a closet with a demon who wants to grab your hand with his metallic key fingers.

This monkey in a bowtie might be adorable, but why is it moving?

"Ghosts? Are you sure?" –this detective. He doesn't see what you see, which is ghosts absolutely everywhere.

This ghost you can't actually see, but when you touch it you feel its clammy ghost skin, and you know.

This elegant creature shows us into the Further, which is the strange place where demons lurk...

...and also the terrifying demon prison we never knew existed.

Boss demon drags his terrifying metal fingers across the prison bars — and goodbye to sleep forever.

When you think it can't get any worse, Key Face inserts his key finger into your neck.

And it looks like your nightmare fuel tank is now full. Sleep well!

All imagery courtesy of Sony Pictures.

New year, new nightmares. Start 2018 off with a fresh batch of demons from Insidious: The Last Key, in cinemas Jan. 4.

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