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15 Signs You're Living In Your Own Horror Movie

You know when you're home alone and you hear the floorboard creek? Or when your bedroom door opens on its own? These unexplainable spooky moments might be signs that you're living in your own horror movie. This September, Friday the 13th, the Lambert family is back to figure out why they were fated for horror in Insidious: Chapter 2.

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1. Family game nights are more Ouija than Pictionary.

Insidious: Chapter 2 / Via FilmDistrict

2. And watching TV is a less than appealing alternative.

The Ring/DreamWorks Pictures / Via

3. But both options are a safer choice than playing with your little sisters.

The Shining/Warner Bros. / Via

4. The dentist can't fix what your dad has going on.

Insidious 2 / Via FilmDistrict

5. And the family practitioner does more harm than good.

The Human Centipede/IFC Films / Via

6. The baby chair moves around, you know... without the baby in it.

Insidious 2 / Via FilmDistrict

7. And going to check on your baby is equally (if not more) frightening.

Paranormal Activity/Paramount Pictures / Via

8. No wonder mom is always in a bad mood...

Mama/Universal Pictures / Via

9. You find yourself asking questions like this on a regular basis.

Dark Skies / Via

(and look at how cute you are...)

10. When dad has surprise for you, you run away from him instead of towards him.

The Shining/Warner Bros. / Via

11. And when you're running away and happen to trip over your brother, mom, or other victim...

12. Your dad is never as comforting as you want him to be when you go to him about your boo-boo.

13. Bedtime at your house is never as relaxing as it should be.

The Exorcist/Warner Bros. / Via

14. Especially when you don't know who is tucking you in.

Paranormal Entity/The Asylum / Via

15. On the bright side, lullabies and bedtime stories at your house are definitely more interesting.

Evil Dead/New Line Cinema / Via

Inspired by Insidious: Chapter 2 out September Friday the 13th.

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The scariest movie of the year is back on the scariest day of the year... Mwahahaha!