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4 Things You Didn’t Known About Philadelphia

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, the city of brotherly love is getting a ton of attention. So this made me wonder, what is the culture of Philadelphia? Comedian Celeste Donohue, a Philly native gives us a funny rundown in her video titled, “Philly Fans Talk About The Super Bowl.” If you’re a native Angelino like myself then, you likely think cheese steak when Philly comes to mind. I never knew all the great stuff that comes from Philly. For one, Rocky, which is one of mine and many other’s favorite movies, was shot there. Now imagine a young, steaming hot Sylvester Stalone running around the streets of Philly... Ok sorry back to the point. From this video, we learn a ton about that Philadelphia:

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1. The Video

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So to this native Angelino, it truly is a surprise to learn about the impact Philadelphia has had on our country. After all, they did give us Will Smith and uh... Hey, Big Willy is awesome.

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