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12 Classic Drunk Texts To Make You Regret Drinking Last Night

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1. The Completely Incoherent Text

Jason Sweeten / Via BuzzFeed

2. The Emotionally Charged Self-Doubting Text

Dan Toy / Via BuzzFeed

3. The Super-Lazy Hookup Attempt Text

Dana Vogel / Via BuzzFeed

4. The Autocorrect Disaster Text

Colleen Stufflebeem / Via BuzzFeed

5. The Incredibly Dramatic But Probably Doesn't Even Reflect Your True Feelings Text

Cyndi Norrie / Via BuzzFeed

6. The Overly Enthusiastic About Your Current Situation Text

Dan Toy / Via BuzzFeed

7. The Endless Stream of Pictures Text

Kristin Rossi / Via BuzzFeed

8. The Entirely Misguided Food Order Text

Tyler Sorensen / Via BuzzFeed

9. The Bad Decision Validation Text

James Lamon / Via BuzzFeed

10. The Irrational Fears Text

Ashley Cook / Via BuzzFeed

11. The "The Struggle Is Real" Text

Zach McKnight / Via BuzzFeed

12. The Overly Honest Autocorrect Fail Text

Kristin Rossi / Via BuzzFeed

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