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This Gorgeous Natural Hair Updo Will Instantly Step Up Your Game

And it's a perfect look for weddings.

Sade Akinsanya

Natural Hair for formal occasions doesn't always have to be straightened! Embrace those kinks and curls (in my case it's generally tangles!) and wear your hair in it's natural state. This is a super easy pictorial on how to achieve an elegant wedding style up-do on natural hair in about 10 minutes! It also serves as a protective style as your ends will be tucked away, just in time for winter!

Sade Akinsanya

1.) To begin this style, I'd advise you to start on somewhat stretched hair for maximum length, but this will also work on whatever state your hair is in. My hair was in a four day old twist out and it was super tangled and in need of a good detangle, hence the mild shrinkage!

2.) If needed, moisturize and seal your hair with some light products and work through from root to tip. All I added to my hair was a little olive oil and sprayed it with a light misting of water for pliability, but it's up to you.

3.) Separate the hair into two sections, one up and one down. This will form the base of the style.

4.) After parting the top section of hair to your liking (I always prefer a side part), begin flat twisting along your hair line.

5.) Do the same for the other side of you head.

6.)When you've finished you should have two flat twists that you can pull together as illustrated above.

Sade Akinsanya

7.) Pin the two twists down to your head using a few bobby pins, and grab the bottom section of hair.

8.) Begin loosely twisting the bottom section of the hair off to the side. The looser the better!

9.) Once you've finished you should have a twist that looks like the above.

10.) Pull that twist up towards the side of one of the flat twists and again pin in place with some bobby pins.

11.) Make sure everything is secure and to your liking.

12.) And that's it! Super quick and easy to do!