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13 Reasons Why The Upcoming Election Is The Scariest And Funniest Part Of Halloween This Year

Scary clowns can't match this!

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1. Because these masks exists

AFP Photo/Ronaldo Schemidt / Via

2. And these

Tomohiro Ohsumi / Getty Images / Via

3. You'll be twice as scary combining both!

View this video on YouTube / Via

4. This kid obviously agrees with us!

View this video on YouTube / Via

5. This cat agrees too!

View this video on YouTube / Via

6. Did you enjoy The Shining? Well you won't anymore!

Photoshop Design by madeli / Via

7. You didn't get nightmares from Freddy Krueger? We're sure you'll have them now!

Photoshop Design by Edu Morente / Via

8. Afraid of sharks? This shark certainly knows how to bite!

Photoshop Design by jkrebs04 / Via

9. No, we do not want to play a game with you!

Photoshop design by Kamu / Via

10. Scared yet?

Amanda Marzullo | NJ Advance Media for / Via

11. Imagine the working environment at the White House

Perez Hilton / Via

12. And the office parties

Saturday Night Live / Via

13. Happy Halloween everyone!

Sylvia G / Via
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