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Is It Necessary To Sterilize Baby Bottles?

It is a very good question that is it necessary to sterilize baby bottles. It is very important to sterilize your baby’s feeding bottles before each use.On the other hand, you can sterilize them after use as well it is not compulsory but many moms recommend it. You need to sterilize baby bottles at one year then you can stop sterilizing. But, you must clean them with pure and soapy water after stopping sterilization process. Now, read the below article to know more.

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Why Do You Need to Sterilize Baby Bottles?

You must be thinking is it necessary to sterilize baby bottles. Yes, it is very important for your baby’s health. Because the newborn babies immune system is not fully developed for at least one year. It makes them weak for infections and disease during this period. In this time, germs, bacteria, and other harmful micro creatures make them very sick and damage their health.

So, that’s why you need to sterilize your baby’s feeding bottle. Some babies born with their certain medical conditions should also have their feeding bottles sterilized and dried properly. It is for keeping them as healthy as possible.

Do You Really Need to Sterilize Your Baby Bottles after Every Use?

It is not compulsory to sterilize baby’s feeding bottles of yours after every use. But, the most important thing is that it is compulsory to sterilize bottles before using them every time. Now, a soapy and clean water or by cleaning those bottles on the dishwasher cycle should be very sufficient.

Even if you won’t need to sterilize your baby’s a feeding bottle after every use but you cannot skip sterilizing. You must sterilize those bottles one time at a week to prevent all bacteria and harmful germs. But, at the time your baby is sick, you need to sterilize your baby’s feeding bottles and other equipment.

When Should You Stop Sterilizing Baby Bottles?

You can stop sterilizing baby bottles after your baby turns one year old. I recommend you to continue sterilizing your baby’s feeding bottles until they turn into one. The baby’s immune system needs this time to fully function and develop. After this time, you baby’s immune system will be fully functional. Besides, it is going to provide a great protection from all germs.

Extra Careful from BPA

The BPA is a very nasty chemical that most of the baby bottles contain especially plastic bottles. This chemical can damage your baby’s health according to many experts. So, it is very important for you to choose a bottle for your baby which is BPA free. Most of the moms choose glass bottles for their babies. They consider it very safe.

Finally, you must remember to sterilize brand new bottles because new bottle contains germs as well. Be very careful when your baby is sick and on those days sterilize their bottles. Now, I hope you have found the answer to your question is it necessary to sterilize baby bottles.

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