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What Could Be More Beautiful Than Snow Dogs In The Snow?

Amazing Alaskan malamutes Taiga and Yuki LOVE to travel. But if travel includes snow - nothing can be better. Enjoy some of the moments of happy snow dogs, to whom snow is all their life.

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1. Taiga and Yuki enjoying the view in Lapland.

2. Snow bunnies.

3. Lapland's evening charm

4. Let it snow!

5. In their element

6. Sweet boy Yuki

7. Dinner, anyone? Taiga

8. Snow ballet by Taiga

9. Sled? No human, let us play!

10. Ain't I the fairest of them all?

11. It's coming, it's coming, oops.

12. Nothing is cosier than snow.

13. Do I look good in the photo? Taiga

14. Who could not love them? Taiga and Yuki.

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