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11 Signs You Were A Type-A Student And Loved It

Honestly, how do you get a 108%?

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1. You quickly ran out of shelf space.

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2. You felt some type of way if you got anything less than an A.

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3. Curve? What curve?

4. Your had notes for your notes.

5. You always had people look to you for the correct answers.

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6. Your GPA lived comfortably above a 4.0.

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7. Test days meant you always had your game face on.

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8. You fully understood the concept of time management.

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9. Your face popped up all over the yearbook.

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10. You had varsity letters for days!

Dalton has more letters than there are in the alphabet and it's trippy af help #overachiever

11. Your stash of AP credits got you ahead of the game.

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