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Maitland Quitmeyer 5 hours ago
Christopher Hudspeth 1 hour ago

17 Ridiculous TV Shows That I Can't Believe Actually Aired

A show with the tagline "trapped inside of every white girl is a strong black woman ready to bust out" was never going to be good...

Hanifah Rahman 1 hour ago
Ryan Schocket 1 hour ago

Couples Are Sharing Things They Do Together That Aren't "Normal," And It's Shockingly Wholesome

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is freakin' weird as all heck.

Allie Hayes 2 hours ago
Syd Robinson 1 hour ago

27 Tweets From This Month So Far That Actually Made Me Laugh

"People have one baby and revolve their whole life around it. You've known that thing for like a month — grow up."

Jon-Michael Poff 2 hours ago

35 TV Episodes That Are Absolutely Perfect From Start To Finish

"'The Fight' from Parks and Rec is such an ensemble masterpiece."

18 Really Great Voice-To-Text Fails For If You Need A Quick Laugh

"Are you and your big balls having a good day?"

Farrah Penn 13 minutes ago

If You’ve Seen 37/51 Of These Movies Then You’re Def A VSCO Girl

Your movie choices are more telling than you know.

Ajani Bazile 42 minutes ago

31 Dresses For Anyone Who Just Wants A New Dress

Might not need it, but you definitely want it.

Alexandra Napoli 58 minutes ago

How Much Do You Remember About The Strange World Of "Twilight"?

Half of these books was Edward explaining weird vampire logic.

Tessa Fahey 2 hours ago

Let Your Voice Be Heard. Tell Us Your Opinions!

BuzzFeed uses polls to learn what’s important to our audience. Answer as many questions as you like and keep coming back for more!

25 Products To Help You Avoid Life's Little Embarrassments

We're born embarrassed and we'll die embarrassed, but that doesn't mean there aren't things that can help.

Rachel Dunkel 1 hour ago

Kristen Bell Was Worried Disney Would Sue Her After She Told Her Kids "Frozen 2" Spoilers

"It's very important that you don't tell anyone at school."


It's Time To Get Honest About How Terrible Your Contact Lens Hygiene Is

Admit it: You've licked them before, haven't you?

I Used CBD Products To Help My Pain During My Period

Because of my endometriosis, my periods have always been extremely painful and have routinely caused me to miss work, school, events, etc. So I tried different CBD products to see if they gave me relief.

34 Dresses You Can Wear On Basically Any Occassion

Good morning, sunshine. It's time to get up and get ~dressed~.

Mallory Mower 3 hours ago

Tell Us Your Wildest Sex Story From 2019


34 Storage And Organization Products That Have Small Price Tags But Big Results

Great products to help get your home in order—all under $30.

Abby Kass 2 hours ago

The American Internet Sucks. The Alternative Is China.

In a fragmenting world, will governments choose ruthless digital order over chaotic digital freedom?

Joseph Bernstein 2 hours ago
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