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31 Cool & Random Things You Can Probably Afford

I dare you to not enjoy a single one of these.

Hanifah Rahman • 2 minutes ago
Ben Henry • 7 hours ago
Stephen LaConte • 2 hours ago
Matt Stopera • 28 minutes ago

Hannah's Season Of "The Bachelorette" May Be Crashing And Burning Right Before Our Eyes And Fans Are Grabbing Popcorn

You've been warned, this post contains unverified spoilers for Hannah's season of "The Bachelorette."

Stephanie McNeal • 2 hours ago
Morgan Murrell • 49 minutes ago

Here's How The Kardashians Reacted To The News About Tristan And Jordyn, Moments After Finding Out

“I talked to Jordyn. It’s really weird, she’s not giving me all the information. She said she can’t remember if they kissed.”

Ellie Woodward • 2 hours ago

You're Only A Real Adult When You've Done At Least 37 Of These 46 Things

Everyone knows how to turn the oven on...right?

Mireya González • 1 hour ago

17 Times Kids Did Not Give A Hoot About Grownups' Feelings

No one cuts to the bone better than a child.

Kat Angus • 2 hours ago
Javier Moreno • 26 minutes ago

James Charles Just Uploaded His First Video Since The Tati Westbrook Drama — Here’s What He Said

“After everything that just went on on social media, I just kinda needed some time to detox.”

Ben Henry • 3 hours ago

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gailree • 1 hour ago

Listen Up, Rihanna Has Ginger Box Braids Now And It's The Only Thing I Care About

"Rihanna said it's red box braid season so catch tf up."

Patrice Peck • 1 hour ago
Hope Lasater • 11 hours ago

Spend A Paycheck On Clothes To See If You're Right-Brained Or Left-Brained

Your left brain has nothing right. Your right brain has nothing left.

What Did You Learn About Your Partner's Family That Was A Deal Breaker?

Cue horror film music: "I can't wait for you to meet my family!"

Mike Spohr • 2 hours ago
Lauren Yapalater • 2 hours ago

People Think Ashley O Might Possibly Score A Grammy

Ok, but when are we getting the album, Ashley?

Ajani Bazile • 1 hour ago

We 100% Know Your Age Based On Your Taste In Music

Are you a cool teen or an oldie but goodie?

Madonna Is A 60-Year-Old Pop Icon. Why Doesn’t She Want To Talk About It?

Madame X is ostensibly another reinvention in a career full of them. But it feels more like a middle finger to any fan who would actually like an update on Madonna’s life in her music.

DJ Louie XIV • 1 hour ago
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