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Rebecca O'Connell • 36 minutes ago
Andrew Ziegler • 3 hours ago
Audrey Worboys • 6 minutes ago

Here Are 28 Funny TV Moments That Will Make You Laugh Until You Cry

It's scientifically impossible to read this list without laughing.

Taylor Owens • 1 hour ago

17 People Who Suffered Pizza Traumas They May Never Recover From

Our thoughts are with these pizza lovers during this difficult time.

Mike Spohr • 51 minutes ago

Do You Have The Same Color Associations As Everyone Else?

To me, the letter A is red. What's it to you?!

Syd Robinson • 21 minutes ago

16 F**k-Boys Who Took A Big L

LOL @ the guy who accidentally DMed 39 girls in a group chat.

Ryan Schocket • 3 hours ago

Do You Think You Can Get 6/9 On This Pop Culture Quiz?

'00s fashion, Taylor Swift, sports, and more!

Shyla Watson • 3 hours ago

Plan Your Wedding Day To Discover Where You Should Actually Get Married

Find the perfect place to tie the knot.

Hannah Loewentheil • 51 minutes ago

23 Things That 100% Of "House Hunters" Fans Have Done

Admit it — you've yelled at your screen about paint colors more times than you're proud of.

Adam Davis • 1 hour ago

19 Ridiculous, But Legit Reasons People Had To Get Divorces

"When he dropped me off for my hysterectomy and I didn’t see him again for three days."

Krista Torres • 8 hours ago

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Me: I have so much to do. Also me: *takes another BuzzFeed quiz*

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Audrey Worboys • 2 hours ago

Sorry, If You're Under 25, There's NO WAY You've Heard Of These Iconic Songs

♫ Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got, I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the block ♫

Kayla Yandoli • 9 hours ago

15 Babysitters Whose Texts Are Way Funnier Than They Have Any Right To Be

"Mayday, mayday, the baby is pooping — SOS!"

50 Tweets From 2019 That'll Make Gays LOL

So basically the best tweets of 2019.

Ryan Schocket • 6 hours ago
Stephen LaConte • 7 hours ago
Jasmin Suknanan • 1 hour ago

Here Are 25 TV Couple Moments That Made Us Believe In Love Again

"I'm choosing you...let me say one more thing...I love you."

Nora Dominick • 3 hours ago

19 Tweets About Summer 2k19 That Are Feverishly Funny

"The only thing acting up this summer is my skin."

Pablo Valdivia • 4 hours ago
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