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31 Dresses You Legally Have To Wear To The Beach

Dresses to wear to the beach, on the boardwalk, on a boat, staring out at the Monterey coastline stoically contemplating the horrible events at trivia night, etc.

Rebecca O'Connell • 2 hours ago

Gwendoline Christie Submitting Herself For Emmy Consideration — And Then Getting The Nom — Is A Mood

The Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series goes to...

Ehis Osifo • 1 hour ago

A Video Shows Trump And Jeffrey Epstein Laughing And Discussing Women's Looks At A 1992 Mar-A-Lago Party

Trump — who is seen making Epstein double over with laughter at the party — recently said that he wasn't a "big fan" of the accused sex trafficker.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 2 hours ago

18 Insanely Creepy Things People Have Come Face To Face With While Swimming Underwater

I won't be stepping foot in anything but a swimming pool this summer.

Daniella Emanuel • 2 hours ago
Lauren Strapagiel • 14 minutes ago
Farrah Penn • 3 hours ago

18 Musical Moments In Non-Musical Shows That Were Actually Incredible

It's impossible to separate these songs from these shows.

Jenna Guillaume • 3 hours ago

12 Spooky TV Shows That Are Scarier Than Most Horror Movies

Brace yourselves. Things are about to get ~spooky~.

evrivali • 9 hours ago
Ryan Schocket • 5 hours ago
Samir Mezrahi • 4 hours ago

Can You Match The Description To The TV Character?

It's kinda easy, but also kinda not.

jenkm • 2 hours ago

23 Things You Definitely Didn't Realize Could Happen To Your Body After Childbirth

"My hair changed color during pregnancy, and now I have a blonde ring around my head."

Asia McLain • 5 hours ago

Hey YOU! Got Opinions? Yeah, We Thought So.

BuzzFeed uses polls to learn what’s important to our audience. Tell us your opinions!

Lelia • 2 hours ago
madisontrinchillo • 1 hour ago

27 Celebs Who Have Posted Their "Old" FaceApp Pics On Instagram

They just couldn't resist a good internet ~moment~!

Jen Abidor • 4 hours ago

Who Said It: Blair Waldorf Or Chanel Oberlin?

Can you differentiate between the "Gossip Girl" and the "Scream Queen"?

Spencer Althouse • 5 hours ago
Eva Pateraki • 9 hours ago
Seamus Garner • 3 hours ago
Ben Henry • 5 hours ago

Grimes' Bonkers Workout Routine Is Not Fooling Anyone

"Hana then comes over and we do a screaming session for 20-25 minutes."

Michelle No • 5 hours ago
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