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41 Things To Make Your Life As Luxe As Possible

Time to put on those fancy pants.

Maitland Quitmeyer • 42 minutes ago

How Well Do You Know The Classic Lines From "Friends"?

Do you know Friends or do you KNOW Friends?

Mike Spohr • 9 hours ago

People Are Paying Tributes To Lyra McKee

The 29-year-old journalist has been remembered as a "gifted writer" who was determined to help "drag Northern Ireland away from its darkest days".

Hazel Shearing • 42 minutes ago
Sarah Aspler • 8 hours ago

Only A "Game Of Thrones" Expert Can Get 16/18 On This Family Quiz

Test how well you know the family dynamics.

This Student Died After She Was Set On Fire For Reporting Sexual Harassment

Multiple people have been arrested in connection with the attack as the public demands justice.

Kat Angus • 11 hours ago

Anne Hathaway Explained Her Decision To Quit Drinking And It's So Important

"I will never be that person who can nurse a glass of wine throughout an entire evening."

Stephen LaConte • 11 hours ago
Ryan Schocket • 10 hours ago

There Are 195 Countries, But I’ll Be Impressed If You Can Find 25 On A Map

Don't worry, this quiz is only 50 questions long.

Jon-Michael Poff • 11 hours ago
Matt Stopera • 12 hours ago

Here Are 21 TV Moments You Probably Didn't Know Were Unscripted

On How I Met Your Mother, Marshall's reaction to his dad dying was 100% unscripted.

Nora Dominick • 11 hours ago

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A Torture Survivor Was Kept In Detention For More Than 13 Weeks Despite Several Suicide Attempts

Exclusive: Official figures reveal a mental health crisis in Britain's immigration detention estate, as the number of people on suicide watch grew by 5% in 2018, to 541 people.

Emily Dugan • 3 hours ago

A Far Right Activist's Website Was Republishing Articles From The Mail Without Their Permission

Former Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen launched the new "venture" earlier this year.

Mark Di Stefano • 1 hour ago

A 29-Year-Old Journalist Was Killed In What Northern Ireland Police Are Calling A "Terrorist Incident"

Friends identified the journalist as Lyra McKee, whose work appeared in publications including the Atlantic, Mosaic Science, and BuzzFeed.

Stephanie K. Baer • 4 hours ago

This Mom Said She Ate Baby Poop And It Turned Into A Full-Fledged Discussion About Baby Poop

"It tastes exactly like it smells, except surprisingly sweet, too."


They Found The Dad And Girl In That Viral Photo Of Notre Dame Before The Fire

"He reached out to me here on Twitter. I knew y’all could do it."

A Militia Group Detained Hundreds Of Migrants At The Border At Gunpoint

"These individuals should not attempt to exercise authority reserved for law enforcement," said New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas.

Salvador Hernandez • 6 hours ago
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