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29 Holy Grail Hair Products You'll Want To Try Right Now

"Bring Me To Life," sang Evanescence...and your hair.

AnaMaria Glavan • 4 hours ago
Christopher Hudspeth • 2 hours ago

Hope Hicks Was Silent About Her Time At The White House During Judiciary Committee Hearing

It’s unclear if the committee will vote to hold Hicks in contempt.

Kadia Goba • 2 minutes ago
Matt Stopera • 1 hour ago

These Pictures Capture The Energy And Excitement Of Pride In The ’70s

The decade after the 1969 Stonewall riots was an era of rebellion, activism, and visibility. These pictures show how New York City's LGBT community and its allies celebrated the city's pride march in the 1970s.

Gabriel H. Sanchez • 3 hours ago

Can You Guess The Fast Food Logo By A Reeeeeally Zoomed-In Pic?

This is what fast food logos would look like to ants.

Andy Golder • 11 minutes ago
Dave Stopera • 3 hours ago
Casey Rackham • 3 hours ago
Stephen LaConte • 7 hours ago

You're Only A Real Adult When You've Done At Least 37 Of These 46 Things

Everyone knows how to turn the oven on...right?

Mireya González • 6 hours ago
Rebecca O'Connell • 27 minutes ago

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Hannah's Season Of "The Bachelorette" May Be Crashing And Burning Right Before Our Eyes And Fans Are Grabbing Popcorn

You've been warned, this post contains unverified spoilers for Hannah's season of The Bachelorette.

Stephanie McNeal • 7 hours ago

Lena Headey Just Revealed A "Game Of Thrones" Deleted Scene That Would've Changed Cersei's Final Storyline

"It was a really kind of traumatic moment for Cersei that never made it in."

Nora Dominick • 5 hours ago

Do You Belong To The Marvel Universe Or DC Universe?

Spider-Man or Superman?

Ben Henry • 11 hours ago
Crystal Ro • 1 hour ago

We Wanna Know Which Cities Flight Attendants Enjoyed Exploring Most

Tell us what parts of the world we reaaaally need to see!

Jasmin Suknanan • 3 hours ago

Hotel Employees, What's A Secret Your Guests Would Be Shocked To Know?

We wanna hear the *WOOOORST* of all the secrets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Syd Robinson • 2 hours ago
Morgan Murrell • 5 hours ago
Matt Stopera • 5 hours ago
Christian Zamora • 3 hours ago
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