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How To Actually Survive An Alien Invasion

General rule: Keep your head down and wait for it all to blow over.

1. First things first: Design an awesome welcome sign.

2. Then give your sign to that overly optimistic guy wearing a headband.

3. Find that pair of wheelie shoes you never convinced yourself to throw away.

4. And when things do turn south, you will need to assemble a fearless team.

5. Make sure you befriend a selfless person.

6. Then befriend that kid who is super quiet but is probably really good at computers.

7. Find and train a loyal companion.

8. If you simply must take a selfie, make sure you don't tag your location.

9. Stock up on essential supplies.

10. Find their weakness.

11. You will probably need a weapon.

12. And remember the golden rule of fighting aliens:

13. Seriously: Don't be a hero.

Good news! We've found a fearless team to fight the pesky aliens so you don't have to. Independence Day: Resurgence arrives in cinemas on 23 June. Make sure you don't miss it!

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