10 Sci-Fi Inventions You Didn’t Know Were Real

The lines between science and fiction are blurring more every day.

1. 3D Doodler

This 3D pen allows you to sketch right off the paper, creating the perfect mock-up for whatever project you’re working on. SO cool. Harold and the Purple Crayon, anyone?

2. Self-Assembling Robots

Proof that the end is probably a lot closer than we originally anticipated. Whoops!

3. Bionic Sea Turtle

This little guy is proof that the future is actually pretty damn amazing. Awww.

4. Bioluminescent Light

Yonder Biology / Via kickstarter.com

These guys are living pets made with bioluminescent algae. They gain energy from the sunlight during the day and give you a light show at night. Want your room to look like the Na’vi from Avatar? Here’s your guy.

5. Jet Pack

Martin Jetpack / Via martinjetpack.com

The closest you’re gonna get to being Robocop without the cheesy ’80s soundtrack.

6. WildCat

AKA nightmare machine that can run up to 16mph.

7. Google Glass

Ted Eytan / Via Flickr: 22526649@N03

A little uncomfortably close to Tron, Google Glass brings augmented reality even closer to our everyday lives. Freaky.

8. Universal Translators

SIGMO / Via indiegogo.com

You know how the T.A.R.D.I.S. can magically translate alien languages for you in your brain? Well, we’re not quite there yet, but these guys at least have all your human languages covered!

9. Self-Driving Car

It’s not exactly KITT, but you’re eerily close to being your own Knight Rider.

10. 3D Food Printer

Just make sure you call it a “replicator” when you brag to your nerdy Star Trek friends about it.

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